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As some astute observers may be aware, free software isn’t my only nerdy obsession. A quick perusal of my Flickr photos may reveal some of my other interests. If you guessed “taking poor pictures of wildlife”, you’d be pretty close. Yes, I watch birds. To make a long story short, a couple of years ago […]

Number Two

The reason I haven’t been around as much in the last few weeks: Everybody’s doing great, our friends and neighbors have been spoiling us with delicious meals, and he’s been a remarkably content baby so far.

gtkmm and Maemo 5

There’s a decent number of examples of Maemo 5 applications written in C or even python, but there’s not too many real-world applications in (non-Qt) C++. So I’ve written up a quick, cliché little demo app in gtkmm/hildonmm. It probably isn’t useful for much other than perhaps as an example (who really needs dedicated application […]