gtkmm and Maemo 5

There’s a decent number of examples of Maemo 5 applications written in C or even python, but there’s not too many real-world applications in (non-Qt) C++. So I’ve written up a quick, cliché little demo app in gtkmm/hildonmm. It probably isn’t useful for much other than perhaps as an example (who really needs dedicated application for splitting a bill anyway?). But I thought I’d put a git repository online in case it’s useful for somebody.


4 thoughts on “gtkmm and Maemo 5”

  1. ok, fair enough. it may be useful to some people. if anybody wants to take it over, they should feel free, because I don’t really plan to develop it farther.

    mathias, it doesn’t support portrait mode, but that’s not a bad idea.

  2. So, how much work is involved in developing an app for the maemo platform? I have seen parts of the presentation nokia provides, but it seems it involves quite some prepping before you can start. Am i wrong?

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