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gtkmm and Maemo 5

There’s a decent number of examples of Maemo 5 applications written in C or even python, but there’s not too many real-world applications in (non-Qt) C++. So I’ve written up a quick, cliché little demo app in gtkmm/hildonmm. It probably isn’t useful for much other than perhaps as an example (who really needs dedicated application for splitting a bill anyway?). But I thought I’d put a git repository online in case it’s useful for somebody.


Moving On

Since all of the other Nemiver hackers are moving on to new jobs (ok, so there’s only me and Dodji, but you can help fix that by joining us!), I figured I may as well announce my own job-related news.  Last week I gave my notice at my current job, and I’ve signed a contract with Collabora to do work related to WebKit.  I’m really excited to be able to spend more time hacking on free software and to have the opportunity to work with some really talented people on interesting projects.  Also, it feels great to be able to escape the cubicle farm at last.