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2008-10-29: Metacity Journal

Another day, another Metacity Journal, and your chronicler still has not resurrected the script. Bugs As ever, feel free to dive in with any of these . GNOME bug 558058, Launchpad bug 258054, and possibly Launchpad bug 266929 were obscure bugs caused by dereferencing the values of GConf keys which are never null on a properly-configured […]

Theme patriation

As some of you have requested discussion of the issue of GTK taking over the responsibility of window border decoration from Metacity, I’ve raised the issue on gtk-devel-list.  Hop over there and throw in your two pennies, if you like. In unrelated news, this is the hundredth post on this blog.  Hurrah!

Metacity Journal, 2008-10-23

Recent activity GNOME bug 557536: Ka-Hing Cheung noted on this blog that wmctrl wasn’t able to make Metacity windows stick.  Thomas investigated and found that this is because that part of the EWMH had never been implemented.  It now has been. Several bugs cropped up in 2.25.2 almost immediately, which have all been fixed, and […]

2-25-5 released

What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Thanks to Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. Allow third-party apps to decide whether a window appears on all workspaces (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 557536) Fixed keybindings script (again) (Thomas) Translations David Planella (ca), […]


Brown paper bag release which fixes numerous build problems from last night’s release of 2.25.2.  Apologies. Thanks to Murray Cumming, Thomas Thurman, and Götz Waschk for improvements in this version. Fix distcheck (Thomas ) (GNOME bug 557356) add libm reference (Götz ) (GNOME bug 557357) fix docbook tags (Murray ) (GNOME bug 557337) 3b75c97082aa3a178d8cbb61c940cb59  metacity-2.25.3.tar.bz2 […]

2.25.2 released

This release is broken.  Use 2.25.3 instead. What is it ? Metacity is a simple compositing window manager that integrates nicely with GNOME 2. What’s changed ? Thanks to Joe Marcus Clarke, Murray Cumming, Tomas Frydrych, William Lachance, Matthew Martin, Christian Persch, Thomas Thurman, and Vincent Untz for improvements in this version. Add handler for […]

Know all men by these presents…

I tried to discuss the gtk_window_present() problem earlier, but I only managed to confuse myself. So here’s an extra rundown; perhaps we can move towards solving it. The problem is that there’s a call, gtk_window_present(), which is very vaguely specified: Presents a window to the user. This may mean raising the window in the stacking […]


Many people, from various programming communities, have come to the conclusion that if functions are first-class objects they should be allowed properties. For example, if a function in a test suite is checking for regression of the fix to a particular ticket, it could have a property for the ticket number. Then other parts of […]

Who’s out there?

Who’s reading this? Comment if you like and say hello. Feel free to ask any questions you’d like us to answer at the same time. Do you think everyone who might possibly want to know about day-to-day Metacity life is reading the Metacity blog? If not, how could we tell them about it?

Metacity Journal: 2008-10-16

Welcome back to the Metacity journal, your (more or less) daily roundup of all things Metacity. Okay, so it hasn’t happened for six months and I did this one by hand instead of with the script. Anyway, feel free to poke your nose into any of these conversations . GNOME bug 556464: Michael Terry wanted to remove […]