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Metacity is a compositing window manager, meaning that the windows are all treated as a whole, and that thus everything is smoother and special effects are possible. However, this is not turned on in versions of Metacity which end users tend to actually see, since the existing version in trunk does not work stably with all video cards. There have been several attempts to fix this, of which the most promising is currently Iain’s.

Some compositor issues

So, now that the compositor is in trunk and everyone is excited, this might be a good time to mention some “issues”. Firstly, it seems that there are some weird shadow redrawing problems…these just appeared recently, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the offending commit. I think I know what it is, I just […]

2.21.5 is out, with the compositor

Thanks to Iain Holmes and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. This is the first unstable release to contain the new compositor; please try it out and let us know how it goes for you. Downstream maintainers should note that its GConf key is initially turned off in src/ and consider whether to turn […]

Compositor on trunk

Iain’s compositor is now on trunk since it now meets every requirement I wrote about here. It looks gorgeous. It will be in the next unstable release, which will happen before the weekend. Do not use bucket-o-bling any more; it is a dead branch. Work will continue on trunk. This closes GNOME bug 499081. All […]

When Iain’s compositor will be merged

Someone asked about this and I was going to tell them, but then I thought I’d say it here. I will merge Iain’s compositor branch when: there are no known large memory leaks security holes crashes it can be turned off entirely from ./configure and GConf when it is turned off in GConf or ./configure, […]

Trip the light fantastic

Useful uses for a compositor #1 Some videos this time, they’re not particularly good quality but that doesn’t matter. First – Its like acid, but cheaper! So what exactly are we seeing? Well, everytime a section of the screen needs to be redrawn, the compositor draws it correctly, and then picks a random colour […]

Shoot speed kill light

Some recent changes to the compositor made it feel kinda slow and laggy. Not in a noticable way but more in a subconscious something feels wrong way. I tested xfwm and it seemed fine running as a compositor, and given that Metacity’s compositor has the same heritage as xfwm’s and I’ve been checking the xfwm […]

Underground Cave Dwellers Society

A quick update on the compositor.  I updated the branch to match the trunk, so all the bug fixes have been up into the branch. Some more compositing bugs have been squashed: Changing screen resolution should work The transparency property on windows is now respected (meaning that gdk_window_set_opacity works, as does transset) Jonathan Matthew fixed […]

We get letters: two projects

Nigel Tao writes: Hello. I’ve been reading with great interest, and was wondering if you had any thoughts on my superswitcher program? People occasionally ask me if I’d push some of it upstream, which presumably means into metacity. I asked which parts people wanted pushed upstream, and he said “the replacement of the existing […]

Ok commandos, you’ve been asking for it all week

Everyone seemed concerned about window previews in the alt-tab dialog… 20 minutes coding, 30 lines of code added, this composite lark is easy (yeah, right…). Not committed yet, a few bugs remain (note the glitches in the Gossip window corners and the terminal window doesn’t get previewed yet, and obviously the scaling), but I’m confident […]

Adventures in Compositation Land

As Thomas said, I’ve been working on hacking about with a compositor in Metacity recently. All I’ve really done is to take xcompmgr.c by Keith Packard and worked it into Metacity, so I’m not claiming that I really wrote the compositor, more massaged an already existing one into shape. The code is at and […]