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Some days, one of the Metacity maintainers will post at the end of the day about what’s been going on in Metacity that day. There will be links to discussions, and you should feel free to dive in. We might link to Bugzilla discussions, discussions on the various downstream trackers such as launchpad, news coverage, or random blogs. (If you mention Metacity in your blog, we will get to hear about it, and we might link it and discuss what you say.)

2008-02-18: the journal becomes a little more manageable

You know, I miss the little photographs of pubs we used to have when I did it by hand. I will look into adding those into the script. Bugzilla Thomas closed a ton of bugs. The script has not yet been fixed to make the output beautiful and it would take ages to write it […]

2008-02-17: just as much of a journey of discovery for me as it is for you

Over the last few months we’ve had a recurring feature called the Metacity Journal. Every day or so we listed bug activity, checkins, and mentions in the press and other people’s blogs. However, it took about half an hour or more for your chronicler to collate all this information every morning, and it became apparent […]

2008-01-28: the Metacity Journal strikes back

Good evening and welcome back to the Metacity Journal. Tonight’s roundup of all things metacitous includes: Recent bugs : GNOME bug 333548: Alex Turner’s patch is going in tonight just as soon as I’ve rebuilt absolutely everything because my glib build was out of date . GNOME bug 358674 (as previously discussed on these pages) continues to […]

2008-01-19: minimal journal

A very, very brief journal entry. Metacity allows you to bind keys to horizontal and vertical maximisation of a window. Should this exist, since it’s so rarely used? Should there be a more easily-discoverable way of working? How would it work– right and middle and left click doing different things, as kwin does, or double-clicking […]

2008-01-12: For, indeed, the best medicine in life is a friend

Welcome back to the Metacity Journal; it’s been a month, and Christmas got in the way a little, so this will be rather a highlights reel. Havoc has sorted all source files into subdirectories by purpose, which makes the structure of the program a lot cleaner. Iain has fixed some bugs in the compositor about […]

2007-12-11: just a quick roundup

A quick overview of where the action’s at in Metacity today. Not even a picture of a pub. As ever, dive in and discuss where you like, here or on bugzilla or on your own blog: we thrive on audience participation and we love to hear from you . GNOME bug 502644: a lot of people […]

2007-12-09: at last the 1948 show

The Metacity Journal bounds back to your screens! It’s been a busy couple of days; I think we’re about due an unstable release. Here’s a quick roundup of life around these parts: Actual fixes : GNOME bug 474889 LONG KEY IS LONG: There is a particular GConf key which contained a small novel in the long […]

2007-12-05: still not a journal

Iain’s compositor patch had some glitches and therefore didn’t make it into trunk this weekend, but I’m still hopeful it’ll be in within the week. Digg has picked up the story. And some people used Coverity’s source checking system to find some bugs, which they raised. Also, a live point of discussion: Some people like […]

2007-11-28: All our journal entries are busy; please hold

This still isn’t a complete roundup of yesterday, but : GNOME bug 500279: theme inefficiency: Iain continued to rock on by finding and fixing quite a major inefficiency in the theme code: values which could have been cached weren’t. Thomas began to review the patch last night, but it was a little too much to take […]

2007-11-27’s not-quite-a-journal

Life is still hectic for the maintainers this week, so this will be a short post. On that theme , GNOME bug 468075, about a problem with vertical maximisation (which has been said to be a simple, reproducible bug, although it’s about a feature that most users don’t know exists) is not yet fixed. Someone […]