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Some days, one of the Metacity maintainers will post at the end of the day about what’s been going on in Metacity that day. There will be links to discussions, and you should feel free to dive in. We might link to Bugzilla discussions, discussions on the various downstream trackers such as launchpad, news coverage, or random blogs. (If you mention Metacity in your blog, we will get to hear about it, and we might link it and discuss what you say.)

Continued absence of dolphins

Sorry for the lack of daily “journal” posts over the past few days: I’ve been rather busy with real life, and it takes rather a while to gather up the crumbs to make a post. I’ve been writing a script off and on which will do the donkey work and let me or anyone else […]

2007-11-18: quiet day

Quiet day. Lucas Rocha submitted a patch to make Metacity play nicely with the new gnome-session startup, which will be in the next development release. Also, mateju updated the Slovenian translation again. Photo: The Glass House, St Albans. Photo by Gary Houston, public domain.

2007-11-17: some releases and some discussions

Two point releases out: development 2.21.2 and stable 2.20.1. Federico’s patch went into both, since it fixed a regression; Benjamin’s patch went into the development release. It is hard to think of a shorter way to say “Make this window follow me when I change workspaces”. Alex Turner provided a patch to make urgent windows […]

2007-11-16: “Higher standards of elegance”

There was some discussion over the option on the window menu which controls the attribute known to the developers as “stick”. This makes the window follow you around when you move workspaces; it’s useful, for example, to keep a clock applet always in the corner. Some people think that the window menu should have two […]

2007-11-15: xterm, glib, api

xterm has a habit of padding the bottom of the screen in unsightly ways, apparently (your chronicler always uses gnome-terminal). It was suggested that this might be solvable in metacity, but it’s not at all clear how the details would work. (Finding the bugs where this was discussed before would be useful.) Havoc pointed out […]

2007-11-14: a quieter day than usual

Some helpful Ubunteros came and fixed Thomas’s laptop, which meant that Benjamin’s patch got reviewed (good work there), and also that the question was raised about what api.[ch] are good for. Most of the checkin activity today was from Iain Holmes with his new compositor rewrite (or, as he has called the branch, the Bling-Tastic […]

2007-11-13: largely about raise-on-click

More Metacity goings-on for 13th November. Apparently, for some people, no window has focus immediately after login, which causes screen readers to get confused. This has the potential to be an interesting bug, because it concerns the interaction of Metacity, X, and screen reader software, any of which might have been customised in interesting ways […]

2007-11-12: mostly going in just one direction

It’s been a busy day here in the Metacity bug tracker, so I thought I’d make a summary of the discussions happening around the table. Feel free to drop by any of them and weigh in. Unidirectional maximisation continued to be a controversial topic. A while ago, we added the ability to make a keystroke […]