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FFmpeg and the Google Summer of Code

Are you proficient in C, interested in highly technical problems and do you want to learn more about multimedia and free software while earning $4500? Apply as a student for one of the FFmpeg projects in the Summer of Code … Continue reading

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FFmpeg release

The rocking guys at FFmpeg have just released version 0.5, the first release in eons! Congratulations! You don’t know what FFmpeg is? Go read about it on Wikipedia. For most people, FFmpeg is what provides the horsepowers to their media … Continue reading

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Firefox, GMail and content-type of attachments

Dear lazyweb, I – being a developer – like to send patches (“.patch” files) using GMail to a mailinglist. My peers will want to read these patches, and thus I’d like to associate a content-type (or mime-type, or file-type) with … Continue reading

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