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Linux UVC driver update

If you had issues with previous versions of the Linux UVC driver for the Apple iSight, particularly errors when loading the firmware (“test: 1: ==: unexpected operator”), then try this new release (0.0.1-e; patch). It depends on glib (for GMappedFile) … Continue reading

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(Sorry for the dutch intermezzo; the below is a post about the dutch elections this november. For practical purposes, the post is in dutch. In short: there’s a dutch test – see link below – to see how much you … Continue reading

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Dear lazyweb, what library, that every decent GNU-loving person has installed (in the range of libm, libz, etc.), could do sha1 encoding for me? I hate to ship sha1.c or sha1sum.c in every single package I make. Reason is that … Continue reading

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Apple iSight driver 0.1.0-d

As previously, the newly released 0.1.0-d update (patch, tarball) contains support for two more firmware versions, those with sha1sum c6c94dd77b864f8bd231abf3cb2de4c9d139e1bf and sha1sum 01e291d529e7c18deea2eba252d18114e096276e (provided in the latest OS X 10.4.8). This should make it work again for everyone. If your … Continue reading

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DRM is defective by design

Dobey, you have some interesting remarks. However, in the end, you are wrong. You are saying that not DRM, but iTunes (or insert some other term here) prevents me from using my music the way I want it to. This … Continue reading

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