Apple iSight driver 0.1.0-d

As previously, the newly released 0.1.0-d update (patch, tarball) contains support for two more firmware versions, those with sha1sum c6c94dd77b864f8bd231abf3cb2de4c9d139e1bf and sha1sum 01e291d529e7c18deea2eba252d18114e096276e (provided in the latest OS X 10.4.8). This should make it work again for everyone.

If your firmware is not recognized, please do not just say that it is not recognized. Please send me a copy of your firmware file so I can make it work. Eventually, I hope to be able to redistribute the relevant part of the firmware so I don’t need to jump through those hoops, but right now, this is the only way that I can think of to make it work without getting in big legal trouble.

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4 Responses to Apple iSight driver 0.1.0-d

  1. Arne says:

    On my MacBook, when I first boot to OSX ( still 10.4.7 ) and then reboot to Linux, the device is detected by uvcvideo but it is not able to deliver any video image.

    When I cold boot to Linux and upload the firmware, there is no such problem.

    Have you seen this before?

  2. Gavin says:

    Thank you. This new driver works on my MacBook Pro 15″ w/ Ubuntu Dapper like a charm. Cheers.

  3. Will Parker says:

    Hi Ronald,

    I am running Gentoo, Gnome 2.16 on a mactel linux patched kernel and run into some problems with my iSight.

    I have managed to get it to detect in Ekiga and built the kernel module and loaded the firmware with the extract binary.

    However when I try to display the iSight output in Ekiga I get a message:

    “Error while opening video device Built-in iSight

    A moving logo will be transmitted during calls. Notice that you can always transmit a given image or the moving logo by choosing “Picture” as video plugin and “MovingLogo” or “StaticPicture” as device.

    Your video driver doesn’t support the requested video format.”

    Now I have managed to get the following output:

    spitfire linux-uvc-0.1.0-e # ./extract /lib/firmware/AppleUSBVideoSupport
    Apple iSight with firmware already loaded found
    Apple iSight with firmware already loaded found

    but I can’t seem to unload and reload it in case there is some problem with the order I did things in.

    My firmware – copied from the Mac OSX Partition is as follows:

    spitfire linux-uvc-0.1.0-d # sha1sum /lib/firmware/AppleUSBVideoSupport
    01e291d529e7c18deea2eba252d18114e096276e /lib/firmware/AppleUSBVideoSupport

    So it looks like I have the firmware that you publish second above. Perhaps this is similar to the problem posted by Arne on October 6?

    I would love to hear your comment.

    BTW you latest update here shows version d but my install is e…

    Thank you for your efforts :)

  4. Will, you most likely didn’t build Ekiga’s v4l2 plugin.

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