Linux UVC driver update

If you had issues with previous versions of the Linux UVC driver for the Apple iSight, particularly errors when loading the firmware (“test: 1: ==: unexpected operator”), then try this new release (0.0.1-e; patch). It depends on glib (for GMappedFile) and gcrypt (for sha1sum checking) – this shouldn’t be an issue, everyone has those installed. Other than that, it supports the same firmware versions as the previous release.

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9 Responses to Linux UVC driver update

  1. Cool stuff.

    How about using the standard firmware loading mechanism instead? Then people can just put the firmware (or a symlink) in /lib/firmware and be done with it.

  2. Adilson Oliveira says:

    Now, on my Macbook (non-Pro), fully updated, running Ubuntu Edgy and MacOS X 10.4.8 it is loading the firmware but the camera dos not work any longer. I was able to see a bad image on Kopete (with lot’s of strips of colored shadows) but usually all I get is a green screen. Ekiga does not work either.
    It was working with -b version, Ubuntu Dapper and the “stock” MacOS that came pre-installed.
    Thanks for any ideas.

  3. Adilson Oliveira says:

    Hi again.
    Sorry, the remark above is partially correct. Ekiga now works, I forgot to add the v4l2 plugin.
    Kopete really does not but this is ok, I really don’t care about it right now.
    Anyway, thanks a lot for the driver.


  4. David, that’s work-in-progress, eventually we will use that. I’m taking baby-steps, though, since I want to merge with the main UVC tree before going apart even more (making a merge later on even more painful).

  5. Thank you! Works like a charm on my Intel Core Duo 2 iMac 20″. Keep up the good work!

  6. Jon Bolt says:

    This is still not working for me under edgy on my macbook pro 15″ with the latest apple firmware

  7. Define not working. :). Email me if you want to discuss (

  8. Jim Hart says:

    Does this work for the external FireWire iSight?

  9. Jim Hart says:

    Ignore previous question. I see that UVC is a USB driver.

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