status update on Clutter-GTK

Some time ago I wrote about my work on Clutter-GTK. Well, I finally got around to rebasing this branch so it could be merged and ebassi merged it for me last night.

There are still bugs in the code that I've not fixed, but many eyes make all bugs shallow, right?

The code includes a number of examples of how to do things.

If you're going to use these classes, you should understand how they work. There are caveats. Certainly I wouldn't base your entire toolkit around the interchanged use of GtkClutterActor and GtkClutterStandin.

GtkClutterActor takes a GtkWidget, rendered offscreen to an XPixmap, and paints it onto a GL texture which it draws on the Clutter stage. As a result, it can draw that texture anywhere, at any stacking level, and do things like taking events and sending them back to GTK+. Updating of the offscreen pixmap is done using Damage events, and things are generally peachy.

GtkClutterActor Implementation
Things basically work like you expect. Although there are some performance issues where widgets that draw using two expose events will sometimes have a delay between the two Damage events that I've not yet explained, which can cause a visual rip.

If GtkClutterActor lets you embed a GtkWidget into a Clutter stage, then GtkClutterStandin goes the other way around, allowing a ClutterActor to be placed within a GtkContainer; but the implementation is different. The ClutterActor is not rendered into offscreen memory, and then copied into an XPixmap and blitted into GTK+, this would not allow for all of those exciting animations you want to do.

Instead what happens is that GtkClutterStandin reserves space within a GtkContainer for the actor it proxies and then places that actor on top of the texture containing the widget contents.

Bugs should be filed in the Opened Hand Bugzilla.

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