Collabora @ GUADEC 2010

You might have seen the t-shirts around, there are quite a few (twenty!) Collaborans at GUADEC this year.


Like a game of bingo, see if you can spot them all: Gustavo Noronha, Travis Reitter, Youness Alaoui, Felix Kaser, Guillaume Desmottes, Nicolas Dufresne, Jonathon Jongsma, Olivier Le Thanh Duong, Eitan Isaacson, Marco Barisione, Tomeu Vizoso, Cosimo Cecchi, Olivier Crête, Danielle Madeley, Sjoerd Simons, Rodrigo Novo, Senko Rašić, Thomas Thurman, Philip Withnall and Louis-Francis Ratté-Boulianne.

There are also all twelve members of Collabora Multimedia here.

Collabora is hosting a beach party on Thursday, starting from 7pm. Word on the street says there will also be ninja t-shirts available at some point.

Author: Danielle

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