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Although Telepathy has always been a freedesktop project, for the longest time the repositories were hosted on Collabora’s git server (I blame the original use of darcs). Sjoerd informed me today that this is no longer the case and the repositories have finally been moved to where they belong.

The repositories are still available read-only on for the time being. It’s not known to me when they might be moved to an archive directory or go away completely.

You can update your remotes with git remote set-url, in shell it looks like this (assuming your origin is Telepathy upstream):

# set NEW_URL appropriately
# NEW_URL=ssh://

for d in telepathy-*; do
  ( cd $d && \
    git remote set-url origin $NEW_URL$d && \
    git remote update -p origin )


Also in case you missed it, telepathy-sofiasip, the SIP connection manager has been renamed to telepathy-rakia. SofiaSIP is the name of the library that telepathy-rakia uses and since Telepathy connection managers are often referred to by the last part of their name (e.g. gabble, haze, butterfly), calling it sofiasip was ambiguous. Like all Telepathy names, there is a tenuous link between the name of the protocol and the name of the CM.

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