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GNOMEs in Chile

Update March 1st, 24 UTC: Reynaldo Verdejo is ok, the list is complete! Update March 1st, 16 UTC: Alejandro Valdés, Fabián Arias, Carlos Ríos Vera and Germán Póo-Caamaño have been in contact with others in Chile. 🙂 Probably by now … Continue reading

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Still locked out of Google

Google continues to lock me out of my account apparently just for fun. NOT A SINGLE ANSWER I have got from their bazillion of forms. I’m obviously pissed off by this, so far the best I have got have been … Continue reading

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Locked out of Google world

So, seems like Google locked me out of my account today. Apparently for my own protection. Perhaps they are right and they are preventing me from being harmed. In case you sent me a million dollar offer or something really … Continue reading

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