Evil what I done

Productive Easter Monday

I have a hardware sampler now and I have a CD collection of samples. 10,000 samples on 8 discs. Except they all have very helpful names like “rcx00003.wav”. So I wrote this:

It plays the samples as you scroll around them with your cursor keys.

Simple, but lets you preview all the samples really quicky.

Then, for a laugh I wrote this:

I call it Lyricist. At the moment it adds a button to the Muine player window (I made a few modifications to Muine for that…yey for iMuine), and retrieves the lyrics for the family singalong. Sorry Ross, but no bouncing ball.

Also visible in the shot is the button that I added to Muinescrobbler that allows you to tag songs in Last.FM but its not finished yet, so let’s not talk anymore about it.

I also got the first ever “present” for a piece of software I wrote. Chris Daniel paid for 3 months of Last.FM scription for me. Thanks Chris, you rock.

One thought on “Evil what I done”

  1. At one point someone wrote a lyrics plugin for muine, you should make your foo a plugin, and if necessary, extend muine’s plugin API to make what you want possible!

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