Blogs vs Lists

A blog is at worst a monologue, at best a newspaper editorial column.

When I write a blog entry, I am not faciliating discussion. There may be the ability to leave comments below an entry or there may not. People may make counter points elsewhere, but what are the chances of anyone else really seeing them without much hard work?

Some blog entries do not require any discussion. “Today I read my email, and fed my grandmother’s cat.” End of story, no futher additional comments needed. But in GNOME these days feel I am seeing more and more things written in blogs (and syndicated to pogo) that really should have been directed to a public forum more conducive to discussion, such as mailing lists.

Is there a danger that many ideas/thoughts/plans get overlooked because we attempt to use “the blog” for more than it is able?

Here’s a picture to take your mind off things:

One thought on “Blogs vs Lists”

  1. Absolutely agree, and it is a sore point of the “we are oh so open” GNOME community. Pogo somewhat defines “in” and “out”. While people on mailing lists are held responsible for crap they utter and some guards of purity are quickly shouting “end of thread”, “take this elsewhere” and similar things on weblogs it’s just “fsck you, this is my opinion”

    – Rob

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