Come on…own up

Who was it?

(PS, thanks, my mom is always right…)

2 thoughts on “Come on…own up”

  1. Nice blogentry, I read the first lines and I stopped because… no I will not write down what I’m thinking now. You say you are a gnome developer? I can’t belive you when I read this. Gnome is a nice desktop. It can’t be that such fools like you developed it.

    For sure, some people may think that there is too much marketing around KDE. But hey, microsoft has also a marketing strategy for it’s nice Aerobiginnovationthing called Vista(I sure everyone here knows for example Compiz Fusion. So long for M$’s innovation ^^). Marketing is okay when you stay by the truth, the KDE Team do that. It’s okay when your application is free for all. Lets see it as the fight good against evil. Because you see, there is a capacity in the market. 90% of the desktop capacity is taken by windows. When KDE’s marketig Is good, in the future maybe windows will take only 80% of the market. If gnome’s marketing (if there is one) is good too windows maybe will have less.

    You see ,my vision is to see M$ getting down, because they are lying and they are simply unfair to the users.
    KDE is a good project, if you don’t like KDE, then simply don’t use it. But shut the fuck up or you get exactly what you don’t expect. You damage your own community.

    nice greets

    PS: excuse my maybe bad english.

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