I value my privacy

I just noticed – these fuckers are recording the open source contributions I make. They’re even collecting the data and publishing it. Of course, its not *all* the contributions I make. This is an incomplete picture of my open source contributions. This is my data, they have no rights to do this. Its an invasion of my privacy!!!! Next they’ll be recording the things I say in my blog! This atrocity must stop before all our freedoms are stripped away from us!

And once that happens, the terrorists will have won!

8 thoughts on “I value my privacy”

  1. lol, you’re really true, commiter names should be replaced by numerical unique IDs and be anonymous. I propose to replace names by the MD5 of it and mails from commits with SHA1 hash. Lets ROT13 the commit message too.

    Eh, wait a minute, I thought one of the values of open-source was that everything was done in the open ?

    I understand that some people could see sites like Ohloh as a small part of what they have done for the OSS world.

    On the other hand, it would help be known for what a dev did. It’s always better for our ego when everyone could see what we have done.

    This site is not perfect yet as users have to associate with every project they ever commited/participated (even if you are registered on GNOME, you’ll have to do it for it subproject). But it’s a good what to show employers for example what we could do for them. Lets call that a true OSS resume, even if it’s incomplete. (like bug tracker activity, translations, documentation, advocating, artwork, …)

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