Gypsy 0.6

Due to popular demand I’ve released version 0.6 of Gypsy, my GPS multiplexing daemon.

This is also the first release that is hosted at, so my blog finally has a reason to be on planet-fido other than Daniel Stone added it one night while drunk.

The important info:

And because some people complained after the last release that I was being “sneaky and under-handed” by not mentioning why I think Gypsy is better than its competitor, I’ve written a page listing the design flaws that I’ve come across and how Gypsy solves them:

4 thoughts on “Gypsy 0.6”

  1. You should be careful. By jeopardizing the interests of one of Eric Raymond’s projects, he may take it personally and find a way to make you regret it. Watch your step.

  2. James: Yeah, he can join the queue after the KDE hitman who was stalking me at FOSDEM. Luckily I wasn’t at FOSDEM and he attacked Alp instead 🙂

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