Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Obviously Perspex Prop Skull

I know no-one will see this, but I feel it is my duty having just sat through 124minutes of Indy4 to inform you that it is complete and utter unmitigated SHITE. And not even in a funny way. Just in an annoying “oh fuck, its still going on” way.

Seriously, the Goonies is more believable and logical than this. And some of the acting is better too.

If you have a ticket, sell it, get your money back and spend 3 hours of your life on something else more worthwhile. Our only hope for the future is that Harrison Ford dies before George Lucas gets another dose of laxatives delivered to Skywalker Ranch.

One thought on “Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Obviously Perspex Prop Skull”

  1. I just assumed that Spielberg had been told he could make a sequel to one of Indiana Jones or E.T., but couldn’t decide which.

    The movie wasn’t that bad though …

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