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  1. Some things need to be repeated from time to time, for what should be obvious reasons. Havoc didn’t come up with the idea, either, so was also N years late if you wish to look at it that way. It was still good he said something, though, right?

    It is, however, sad to see the snide and flippant attitude is still alive and well around these parts. *sigh* I mean really, you last blogged something like a month ago and then you bother to whip this up?

    Glad you read my blog, though, I suppose … *shrug*

  2. Aaron, I am happy to see you’ve come round to the light, but would have been happier if over the last 8 years, you (and most recently you implied it in the comments to that very blog post) and the KDE community hadn’t been spreading bullshit about how Gnome was the devil for removing all the options wahwahwah, when from the start the Gnome philosophy was exactly what you are now proposing, and kind of putting forward as your own startling revelation. It is nice though as I suppose this validates the Gnome philosophy

    While I wish you well in your endeavours, I feel that this 8 years delay will harm it, and you will face a lot more resistance to it than we did in 2002, simply because for the last 8 years KDE has been pushed forward as having given YOU freedom to do things they way YOU want, giving YOU the choice, giving YOU the options that the evil gnome-kids have taken away – even your usability designer (for all the good work she’s trying to do, and I feel very sorry for all the resistance she faces every time she tries to fix a design mistake), has perpetuated this view on occasions – and this has cemented in the mindset of your user base what KDE is supposed to be. *shrug* Good luck and all, but I don’t envy your journey.

    What does the regularity of my blog posting have to do with anything? Is there a rule that blogs must be updated at a certain rate or they become invalid or something? Before last months post, the one before it was in Feburary, and it wasn’t even very funny

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