NetworkManager 1.0.6 brings metered connections API and more

Hi there!

We’re proud to announce that today we’ve released NetworkManager 1.0.6, a latest update in the NetworkManager 1.0.x stable series.

Compared to the previous release it’s a rather small release, weighing just a little short of 160 commits. Nevertheless, we’ve included a fair amount of fixes and improvements from both the NetworkManager Team and the community.

  • While the stable series is mainly focused on improving robustness we’ve added some features too, making NetworkManager a bit more flexible and easier to use:
  • Improved capture portal detection. The capture portal now understands the RFC6585 HTTP 511 status code.
  • Default route through WiFi connection is now preferred to Mobile Broadband if both are available.
  • We now expose information on whether a particular connection is metered. It’s intended for tools like package managers that like pre-fetch large amount of data to be able to avoid increasing your Mobile connectivity bills.
  • NetworkManager can now configure Wake-on-LAN capabilitites of Ethernet hardware.

The release will likely find its way to your distribution’s mirror near you soon. It’s queued for Fedora 23 that’s expected to arrive later this year and also available in Fedora 22 testing repository, Other distributions will likely follow soon.

There’s more exciting features coming with NetworkManager 1.2 later this year. Stay tuned!

We recommend everyone to update and will appreciate any feedback!

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Lubomir Rintel

A free software enthusiast, Fedora contributor and a NetworkManager developer.

9 thoughts on “NetworkManager 1.0.6 brings metered connections API and more”

  1. Is there any chance users can control whether a connection is marked as metered?

    The use case I’m thinking of, is I’m often wifi tethered to my phone. The OS sees this as just-another-wifi network, while it is in fact metered.

  2. Some portal love, thank you! Now if only browser people could follow up instead of making the experience as crappy as possible…

  3. I welcome the metered connections in F23 Beta. I’ve already set some using nmcli (no gui yet?)

    Does anything use the flag yet? I assume either gnome-software or packagekit.

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