Here’s an awesome idea… schedule FOSDEM right after a docs hackfest! A hired carload of us accompanied Kat and Dave from Norwich, on the Eurotunnel Shuttle. We brought Mallard balls.

It was a blast working in the GNOME booth on Sunday afternoon, alongside Alexandre, Nathalie, Tobi, Fred, and Baptiste. The enthusiasm of Tobi and Bastian Ilsø was infectious. In the spirit of catching flies with honey, Alexandre and Baptiste used the Mallard balls to good effect promoting Mallard.

Mallard at FOSDEM

Baptiste et Alexandre s’allient afin de donner une démonstration en profondeur après une pêche fructueuse à l’aide d’une balle Mallard.

2 thoughts on “FOSDEM

  1. Baptiste Mille-Mathias

    (Alexandre is the guy with the big moustache)

    and at this time, I was actually trying to find information about the XDMCP support in latest GDM release upon request of the guy on the left.

    Happy you liked the FOSDEM and working at the GNOME booth.

    — Baptiste

  2. Alexandre Franke

    Thanks Baptiste for not saying “Alexandre is the guy with the beer in his hand”. 😉

    The guy on the left is a friend of mine and he actually wanted to see what a Mallard document looks like in its XML form; your XDMCP search was at another time for someone else. 🙂

    Michael, it’s been a pleasure meeting you and I hope to see you at GUADEC!


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