alpha 1

Goran Rakić started development on as his Google Summer of Code 2006 project. For this he created a libgo script available in GNOME SVN in the library-web module.

It took a while to get it up and running, but the output of that script can now be seen at:

Help wanted
As you can see from the site, a lot is missing. As the last commit to library-web is over 7 months ago, I’m searching for anyone with Python, gtk-doc and gnome-doc-utils experience (or willing to learn) to help out. I’d appreciate people with an SVN account. Having volunteers with gnomeweb access would rock!

Note: I did not develop any of this code (or know much about it). As far as I know it was all made by Goran. Some of the documentation I found:

Action plan:
Please subscribe to gnome-web-list and be sure to read the archives (discussion took place over many, many months). I’d appreciate people who can work without much guidance, because I am pretty busy and do not know much about it.

Above is not an attack or anything on Goran. I know he is busy and the existing code is very much appreciated. Just trying to get some people involved.

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  1. I will be glad to help anyone who is interested to see this thing evolving faster. If you want to work on a code, please send me a message to grakic A@T devbase D.O.T net so I can provide you with a nice overview of current codebase and list of features that are missing, so we can join our forces together.

    And, if you know how to fix XSLT style ( to include navigation bar and other goodies that are presend on mockups I made, you will get a drink (and more than one) next time I see you!

  2. Maybe we can break this up into separate tasks, by making clear what this stuff should do.

    1. It should show the latest documentation.
    1.1 For the user documentation, for all Desktop modules.
    1.2 For developer documentation, for all Platform modules.
    How can we add the docs for these modules to what’s online now?

    1.3 It should use appropriate stylesheets to look pretty.

    2. Apparently it can allow online editing. I have no idea whether any of that is implemented.

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