Dropping those old crasher reports

Diego Escalante Urrelo proposed to drop <= GNOME 2.16 crash reports on desktop-devel-list. The reasoning (as discussed on bugsquad-list) is:

  1. They are really old and most of them are answered “well yes, try SVN/last-release it [might be] fixed there”, or simply ignored. They only make bugzilla noisy, hence making difficult to find useful reports.
  2. It is unlikely any new crasher will occur. As we’ve been triaging these crashers for over a year, the chance of a new 2.16-specific crasher is not worth the amount of time it takes to triage the dupes.

There hasn’t been much response on above proposal. I plan to implement above as per 30 September, this year.

Clarification: As some people are misunderstanding: This is not about closing existing bugreports with a ‘please upgrade’ (this is up to the individual developers of each product). This is about not accepting new incoming crash bugreports coming from GNOME 2.16 or earlier. This as the chance of getting an actual new crasher (instead of a dupe) is highly unlikely. This coming from the people (not me) who look at the thousands of new crash bugreports arriving each week.