Sneak preview of Mango

Mango will soon be the new way to request GNOME accounts (usually SVN). Mango was first written by Ross Golder, then enhanced by Baris Cicek during Summer of Code 2007 to handle requesting accounts. After that I also changed a few things. Here is a sneak preview of how it’ll handle requesting accounts. It is a sneak preview as there is some small amount of work left.

This is what the website will look like:

If a user wants a new account, the following form needs to be filled in:

After sending in the form, the email address has to be verified:

The user now has to follow the link in Evolution:

Verifying the email address results in the following page:

The maintainers will be emailed:

After logging in, the maintainers have the ability to reject/approve the account:

The requester gets an update on the status:

At the same time, the Accounts Team is requested to create the user:

The Accounts Team can see all accounts that are ready to be setup:

The new user form loads all details from the requested account:

Finally, the user gets an email regarding the new GNOME account:

Reasons not to blog

Saw a mention of a blog with the following in it:

Remember what today might be a funny and smart post, it can be tomorrow’s reason for an employer to not consider your application […]

I avoid blogging about certain things, but that is my decision. Regarding not blogging because of possibly someone at one certain point getting a wrong impression, I agree with xkcd:


Note that I’m not going into any of the rest of that blog. Just this one reason. If that reason was stated as ‘It shows that you’ (etc), I wouldn’t have a problem with it. Regarding that someone should act different because of possible future jobs: don’t pretend you are someone else.