Mango gone live

The new system to request accounts (Mango) has gone live. Updated instructions for people wanting an SVN account are at: The maintainers listed in the various MAINTAINERS files have received instructions on how the system works. This email also contains information regarding another (intended for foundation members) GNOME service you’ll have access to. Suggest to read the email asap.

Note: I haven’t added the translator coordinators yet.


Last 2 weeks I had loads of time to hack on Mango. I will have much less time from now on. There are still a few things I want implemented (by me, Baris, someone else):

  • Move Foundation member information into LDAP
    This is a huge amount of work. Need to rewrite the Mango parts, enhance the LDAP schema (probably new schema + conversion), port all scripts currently using the database, need somehow to setup users (e.g., might not have an LDAP account atm), etc.
  • Allow people to either change their Mango password, or request a new one
    Not hard, mostly worried about security.
  • Allow maintainers to change for their modules who the maintainers are
  • Allow people to change their LDAP details (SSH keys, email address)
    Security regarding SSH keys is ehr.. difficult.
  • Allow existing LDAP users to request additional permissions for their account (e.g., ability to upload modules, or the alias)
  • Export the maintainer data (only module name, username) as XML

For general discussion, please use the gnome-infrastructure mailing list. If you find bugs, please file them in GNOME Bugzilla, Infrastructure, sysadmin, mango.