So I like usability — it that so bad?

As zeenix wrote:

OTOH, The discussion went very well until the biggest opponent of git, Olav Vitters admitted that “It translates to: I really care about not needing to learn an SCM.”. From that point onwards, I completely lost the interest in the discussion.

Admitted? I made myself perfectly clear from the start. I like something that guides/helps me. I also really care about the advantages it brings for devs (who could use a better system)/translators/.. and I like people to investigate and list them in a wiki, exactly because I am not the right person to investigate that. This was in one of the first emails I wrote. I also posted this again in a followup email to avoid any confusion on that part. You are misstating what I said by leaving that out. Further, I do not oppose Git, I want each choice to be investigated.

I don’t appreciate that you implicitly state that the discussion was ok except for my part of it. If you have an issue with me, Planet GNOME is not the place.