So I like usability — it that so bad?

As zeenix wrote:

OTOH, The discussion went very well until the biggest opponent of git, Olav Vitters admitted that “It translates to: I really care about not needing to learn an SCM.”. From that point onwards, I completely lost the interest in the discussion.

Admitted? I made myself perfectly clear from the start. I like something that guides/helps me. I also really care about the advantages it brings for devs (who could use a better system)/translators/.. and I like people to investigate and list them in a wiki, exactly because I am not the right person to investigate that. This was in one of the first emails I wrote. I also posted this again in a followup email to avoid any confusion on that part. You are misstating what I said by leaving that out. Further, I do not oppose Git, I want each choice to be investigated.

I don’t appreciate that you implicitly state that the discussion was ok except for my part of it. If you have an issue with me, Planet GNOME is not the place.

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  1. Personally, I also care about usability. But I can see how your comment could be misintepreted as “I’m not willing to learn something different,” or “I won’t even try any other system.”

    I don’t think that’s what you actually meant. But to someone who interpreted it that way, I can see how it would make any further discussion pointless.

  2. I’m not really be surprised. Your email came out very much like “I don’t want to be bothered with learning about anything new” (at least to me, and I’m sure many others). Obviously that was not what you meant, but email is not an ideal communications medium…

    I personally tried git for some stuff like gvfs and a few personal hacks. Now I cringe and cry when i go back to svn. However, I don’t have any time to be part of eternal discussions like that svn vs git thread, so I just suck it up. (And, i guess I’ll continue to use git for my own hacks.)

  3. I don’t fully agree with you that usability equals “not having to learn”.

    It surely is so for the introductory part, but if you buy easy beginning with limitations in the long run, it generally is not worth it in my opinion.

    It’s the same as with graphical software, you can do lots with gpaint and it’s easy to use (I bet). But would you rather use that for serious graphical work or maybe GIMP instead..?

    Sure you can do basic SCM with SVN without big problems and buy the translators in with that, but you just can’t achieve the flexibility and features that make DSCM so great for code management.

    We (me and Zeenix) talked about this, but you insisted that you’re ok with svn and have no interest in DSCM (which is fine by me). But that just gives the feeling that maybe our POV is not being heard, and that tends to piss people off ;)

    Anyway, let’s continue finding the correct path in the correct mediums and resum happy hacking!

  4. Colin: What am I supposed to do then? Just ignore it?

    I wondered what the correct response should be. But if it is about me and starts on pgo, I reply on pgo.

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