Fedora Docs FAD 2014

The Fedora Docs team recently organized a FAD (Fedora Activity Day), with the goal to work on areas such as attracting new contributors, mentoring, providing HOWTOs for writers, and preparing the project’s infrastructure to migrate from the old Publican 2-based publishing system to Publican 4 and Koji.

The FAD had two meeting locations, one at Red Hat’s office in Raleigh, NC, and the other one at Red Hat’s office in Brno, Czech Republic. We set up a teleconference call that also allowed remote people to participate.

Other docs team members have already blogged about the progress we made over the course of three days. There is still a lot do, and you are welcome to join the fun.

At the FAD, I also published a new revision of the Fedora Software Collections Guide, which serves as the official manual for people getting started with Software Collections (SCL) packaging. The guide can be useful not only for Fedora packagers, but also for people packaging for EPEL 5, 6, and 7. The SCL packaging guidelines are currently being approved by the FPC and Marcela drafted a proposal to include the first SCL (ruby193) in Fedora 21. Even though SCLs are not yet officially supported in Fedora, you can already get the ruby193 SCL from the Copr build system.

Thanks to all the FAD attendees, and to Red Hat for taking care of us throughout the event, for providing the meeting space and great catering!

For Czech speakers, I also put together a short report which you can read on fedora.cz.