I decided to update my home
. I created a new template yesterday, then I
decided to rewrite it using WML and a set of Makefiles so
that I can maintain the site easily (hopefully). In the
spirit of release early, release often (which does
not really apply to web pages, but I did it anyway), I
already converted some pages to the new template. Of
course, this means that there is even less interesting
content than before because many pages have not been
converted yet and there are no links to them, but this
should be fixed in a couple of days. I am not really happy
with the quality of the images I created for the tabs. I
should be able to do much better than that. But hey, it’s a
first draft…

I am cleaning up my Advogato certifications. I try to
keep only
the certifications for the developers I met in real life and
those who are not certified by many others (and
thus need my certification to stay at their level). This
means that I removed my certification for alan, for example,
because he did not really need it. There were also a couple
of accounts that I rated as Apprentice or Journeyer when
they joined (based on a best guess from the info available
on their page) and who have been certified as Master by
others since then. In these cases, I removed my
certification because it was only there to allow these
people to get in.

I read the Romeo&Juliet article. The article itself is
moderately funny, but the comments are really depressing.
We do not need OS flamewars here… (FYI, my girlfriend
Windows and I don’t blame her for that.) Also, I
do not think that it is a good idea to use the certification
system as a way to influence what gets posted or not.
Certification (of people) and moderation (of articles)
should be two separate things.

It looks like more and more diary entries (ab)use HTML
tricks to achieve some special
. Let’s see how long it
takes before some script
posts an article containing a huge
background picture or some JavaScript alert() bombs…

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