Phew! I finished the first part of my article and I posted it a
few minutes ago. I still have to update the second part,
which is more tricky because content filtering involves more
subjective things. This essay on “moderation and
certification” is growing way out of proportion. Tell me
that I need a doctor…

I had to resort to some ugly HTML + CSS tricks in
to make my article look like I wanted to. I hope that raph will not be
upset about that. At least Lynx and Netscape display it
almost correctly, except for the next problem…

For a reason that I do not understand,
Advogato escaped one of my </ul> tags when posting,
although it looked fine in the preview. It also added some
extra <p> tags that should not be there.
Help! My article
looks ugly now, with this broken indentation and this
</ul> sitting in the middle of the text. I still have
the preview on screen to check that I was not dreaming.
What’s up?

I see that a couple of people are abusing Advogato,
or at
least being creative:

  • flomo855 is
    the worst offender. This account is incorrectly registered
    as a “Lead Developer” for every large project that exists.
    I will not comment on the diary entries…

  • nwv is an
    interesting experiment that started two months ago. I
    wonder what this account would become if the system that I
    propose in my article is ever implemented.

  • God and Satan are the
    most recent additions, probably created by the same person.
    I am curious to see if anybody will certify these accounts,
    and if a symbolic certification war could start between

Nothing serious so far, but I am still afraid that some
script kiddie could come, create a few thousand accounts,
and start updating those diaries like mad.

I just read nether‘s diary
entry about diaries, finger and links. He hits the nail
right on the head! Lots of good points there.

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