Toronto and back again

Ahoy mates ! I’m new here on the planet so let me just start out by
sending a high five to all you hackers out there, most of you know
me on irc already.

This weekend I went out to toronto for the canadian finals
of the B-Boy Unit competition, where a crew of up-and-comming
youngster breakers took it home (the “Fam” crew, was a combination
of a crew called floor assasins and another crew I forgot thier
name), brought my camera but didnt get any footage unfortunately.
Here’s a pic of me flipping a swift windmill:

And so I didnt get my emails until tuesday morning, where
I found that 2.18 candidate tarballs were due monday – so I
wrapped up Glade 3.1.5 in a hurry, its got a lot of bug fixes and is starting
to be as stable as the stable branch, manipulating widgets in
the workspace and drag/resize has got significantly more usable
(if you happen to know about the secret SHIFT modifier…)

Rock on gnomies !