Today is worth a blog post

In the last couple of days there has been some quick unexpected improvements in Glade, Javier Jardón wrote us up a brand new website !

So with the help of Rafael Villar Burke (Pachi), we touched up and finalized the content and translated it into python scripts so it can be easily updated with news items in the future.

I was also inspired to write down and share all my possible plans (a frustrating kung-fu process of mailing plain text attachments), and also compile them into a list of possible roadmaps that we can track on the Wiki. Hopefully, since I cant move mountains by myself other people will be interested and we can accomplish some great things together ;-)

4 thoughts on “Today is worth a blog post”

  1. Can I ask for one change on the website? It has to do with readability…

    Can you remove the “.news h4{}” margin left and right to 0 and set everything else beneath it so it has a margin-left, or an indent? It makes the header more pronounced and the rest of the text easier to ready. At the very least, make them align.

    Other than that, I love the site!

  2. Yes we also want a new logo :)

    One was being designed last year but the artist ran away ;-)
    (the ruler thingy was only intended as an icon for the app
    on the desktop/menus).

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