Grant me a wish !

Hey my gnomies, long time no blog !

Actually long time since I’ve been actually doing gnome stuff and for not rolling a tarball this winter I’m a bit sorry… actually I did get the impression this past year that there was really very little interest in our little Glade project, which from my point of view is a work in progress with so many really amazing opportunities on the horizon.

But on the other side of the coin, while not everyone sees the potential as I do – I do not think all that work to get our initial writeup of GtkBuilder support was a waste of time; on the contrary, it still amazes me how many people around the world are using Glade and getting stuff done, even though Glade itself… is not done !

Actually I’m also touching base with you guys because my own plans fell to the water this winter and I need some help to make my wishes come true !!!

I dont wish for a house… I dont wish for a BMW… all I wish is to get to Korea soon to visit somebody important to me (as silly as it sounds – seems to me the house and the beemer are more attainable in the world I live in).

So doesn’t anyone have some odd contract for me ? I’d love to do some serious hacking of course, as specially anything gnome development platformish (hint hint: … 😉 ), but hey I can write silly iphone apps or even script some php if I have to.

So whether this is an opportunity for you to secure my services for a long term, or just throwing me a bone cause you’re a nice guy, just send my cv along to someone who might be interested and you’ll really make my day.

and dammit why cant I build gnome-doc-utils today ?! (joke, dont have to answer that 😉 )

3 thoughts on “Grant me a wish !”

  1. Hi Tristan!

    Actually, I think glade is fairly important for the GNOME Developer platform and it’s really a shame that only few people are working on it.

    Anyway, I really wish some of the GNOME companies can afford such a talented hacker!

  2. Thanks for the well-thought article. I’m actually at work at the moment! So I need to go off without reading all I’d like. However, I put your blog on my RSS feed so that I can read more.

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