Glade could use a little help

While the Glade project can seem complex and not everybody writes GObject code in C; there are a few things that could really improve the usability of Glade without applying any real coding skill.

For instance, ever since GtkBuilder was introduced, we are still missing icons for almost all the important and attractive new objects available with GtkBuilder:

The missing icons include things like Size Group, Status Icon, Text Buffer, Text Tag, Entry Buffer, some of the newer Cell Renderers etc. Glade uses these icons every chance it gets to help to give context to the user while editing the interface, like in the Property Editor:

They are also a great indication when viewing the overall project with the Inspector view:

Note that most of the missing icons are not widgets and don’t already have a visual representation. The design needs creativity to create visually familiar patterns based on functionalities of new and interesting objects that are available, like a Size Group or a List Store.

We’ve made requests before but I suppose the interest just wasn’t there.

But really, Glade’s engine is not doing so bad, if it only had a good paint job to match then it wouldn’t appear so much like it just came out of the junkyard.

Note also Glade installs the icons into the theme, which means other development tools can also leverage the icon set that Glade installs.

Please help us with the icons ?

Good afternoon 😉

6 thoughts on “Glade could use a little help”

  1. I’m (still) interested!
    I added a comment earlier on the wiki page, asking for screenshots, as I don’t know what the widgets look like.
    I’ll start drawing some icons tomorrow afternoon.

  2. Jakub, Andreas, That sounds awesome.

    I really have no talent at that kind of stuff and Glade is
    going to look *alot* more professional and safe to use
    for production software … with the new icons 🙂

    Thanks alot for looking into this !

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