Toronto and back again

Ahoy mates ! I’m new here on the planet so let me just start out by
sending a high five to all you hackers out there, most of you know
me on irc already.

This weekend I went out to toronto for the canadian finals
of the B-Boy Unit competition, where a crew of up-and-comming
youngster breakers took it home (the “Fam” crew, was a combination
of a crew called floor assasins and another crew I forgot thier
name), brought my camera but didnt get any footage unfortunately.
Here’s a pic of me flipping a swift windmill:

And so I didnt get my emails until tuesday morning, where
I found that 2.18 candidate tarballs were due monday – so I
wrapped up Glade 3.1.5 in a hurry, its got a lot of bug fixes and is starting
to be as stable as the stable branch, manipulating widgets in
the workspace and drag/resize has got significantly more usable
(if you happen to know about the secret SHIFT modifier…)

Rock on gnomies !

The free life

A happy new year to all the freaks !

Hope everyone had amazing hollidays, mine consisted mostly
of a last minute decision to hop on the next bus to quebec
city on xmas eve, that was an adventure… I also managed to
walk about 12km on the snowy dark highway to visit a chickita
that lives where buses don’t go – the moon was beautiful with
a lunar glare to boot – MAN is it ever great to be in the
middle of nowhere without a lift, away from routine society and
its horrid factories televisions and machines..
hehe you know alive again – anyway; it was really good to be
back home on the desolate road side again.

real life, I’ll see you again soon I hope !

Monday morning, crazy weekend and now release time

Quite an exciting weekend, went to Pro-Am breakdance competition this
weekend that happened to be in my home town, some pretty hot dancers from
around the world but montreals old school crew Flowrock took it home.
you guys deserve your props Flowrock !

I also went trapezing
yesterday, man I’d have to say thats one of the biggest adrenoline rushes
I’ve ever experieced – jumping off the third story balcony hangin on to a
bar and just rushing through the air and getting caught, whoa

And so the work week begins with another development snapshot of
glade, hope
y’all enjoy !