Bustle 0.4.3: I think you mean ‘fewer crashy’.

It’s Bustle release season! Here is version 0.4.3’s flagship new feature:

Bustle not crashing when it can't connect to the bus.

(Previously, it would crash.) I fixed a couple of other crashes, too, spurred by Sujith Sudhi reporting a i486-only crash. I feel compelled to point out that all of these crashes occurred in C code or at the inter-language boundary.

No Gtk+ 3 yet, I’m afraid, though experimental support in the Haskell binding was released a couple of days ago so it’s just a matter of a spare evening…

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2 thoughts on “Bustle 0.4.3: I think you mean ‘fewer crashy’.”

  1. I started the process of packaging Bustle for Fedora, but it’s stalled for lack of a sponsor. Sigh.


    That’s the libpcap bindings. I’ve got the spec file for Bustle sitting on my work laptop, with a bunch of partially-finished source code changes to get it to meet the packaging requirements. Off the top of my head, localisation, a .desktop file and an icon feature quite highly.

    Would you be interested in giving me a hand to get those finished off and committed? My Haskell is non-existent, and my Haskell build system knowledge is fewer existent, so any help would be appreciated. 🙂

  2. Oh great!

    There was a spec file floating around which contained the comment “no make install target? fuck you!”, which I thought was quite nice.

    I would love to lend a hand. I don’t have a Fedora machine though, but that’s not needed for l18n work etc. 🙂

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