I’m changing to black.

My black desktop

27 Responses to “I’m changing to black.”

  1. jdub says:

    Very sexy combo!

  2. jorge says:

    Heh, that’s my exact desktop, I even have the same wallpaper!

  3. Sverre Johansen says:

    That looks really good. What kind of theme and background image did you use?

  4. Richard says:


    I try this on and off with every new distribution release, and it always leaves me annoyed. A host of applications will make presumptions about either the font colour or the background colour but not the other.

    Actually, I should try it again and this time actually file bugs :)

    Good luck.

  5. That’s rather nice. Where does the wallpaper come from? What is the theme you use? Can we also see what the windows look like? Am I bothering you with all my questions :) ?

  6. John Stowers says:

    Cool, Whats the theme and where can I get that wallpaper.

    I also have a procrastination problem….

  7. zodmaner says:

    Wow, nice.

    What GTK theme you’re using?

  8. Jerome Haltom says:

    The first problem you’ll hit is that, hopefully, your browser respects your desktop settings…. except nobody’s web sites do.

    CSS that hard codes the text to black, but does not touch the background-color. Uh oh!

  9. Mike says:

    Oooh! What a nice background.

    Got a link to the image (with or without the text)?


  10. Javier says:

    hey, which theme are you using? it’s very nice!

  11. Sankarshan says:

    So where did you get this wallpaper from ?

  12. javanoob says:

    Looks nice!

    Btw, where did you get that wallpaper?


  13. javanoob says:

    Where did you get that nice wallpaper, btw?


  14. lucasr says:

    Hey dude, what the GTK theme you’re using? I’ve been experiment some dark themes too.

  15. lucasr says:

    Hey dude, what the GTK theme you’re using? I’ve been experimenting some dark themes too.

  16. davide says:

    Wow. Can we have a link for this gorgeous wallpaper?

  17. Benoît Dejean says:

    Would you have the same wallpaper but saying “Don’t work” ?

  18. niko says:

    I like your wallpaper. Could you give us a link to the source or upload it?

  19. And I want that wallpaper! :)
    Where to get it ?

  20. krzak says:

    My favorite background too. Motivate me to work all the time ;)

  21. brunobol says:

    I’m using a modified Glossy theme:

    bruno@reginaldo:~$ cat .themes/GNOME\ Black/index.theme
    [Desktop Entry]
    Name=GNOME Black


  22. Joe Smith says:

    Haha, the wallpaper looks sweet. I think I may have to ditch my silver theme and go back to dark. :)

  23. […] Bruno, Wouter: guys, just use the Darklooks theme shipped in gnome-theme-extras or Darkilouche (although I can’t find a package for the latter). Much easier […]

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