GStreamer things…

Dear Lazyweb,

I’m thinking (just thinking, for now) how to write a guitar tuner for GNOME using GStreamer. Can anybody tell me if is it possible? If so, what classes or plugins of GStreamer I have to use?

I really don’t know anything about these audio things, so I need a jerk on the slope. Thanks!

3 Responses to “GStreamer things…”

  1. Jan Schmidt says:

    There’s a GStreamer based guitar tuner for the n800/n810/n900. Porting the guts to a normal GTK UI would be the easy way to go:

  2. brunobol says:

    Thank you for point out that, Jan!

  3. iain says:

    gst-launch audiotestsrc freq=110 ! gconfaudiosink

    that gives you the A string
    the required frequencies are
    E – 82.407
    A – 110
    D – 146.83
    G – 196
    B – 246.94
    e – 329.63