Monthly Archives: November 2007

Ok commandos, you’ve been asking for it all week

Everyone seemed concerned about window previews in the alt-tab dialog… 20 minutes coding, 30 lines of code added, this composite lark is easy (yeah, right…). Not committed yet, a few bugs remain (note the glitches in the Gossip window corners and the terminal window doesn’t get previewed yet, and obviously the scaling), but I’m confident […]

2007-11-17: some releases and some discussions

Two point releases out: development 2.21.2 and stable 2.20.1. Federico’s patch went into both, since it fixed a regression; Benjamin’s patch went into the development release. It is hard to think of a shorter way to say “Make this window follow me when I change workspaces”. Alex Turner provided a patch to make urgent windows […]

2.21.2 is out

Thanks to Benjamin Gramlich, Thomas Thurman, and Peter Bloomfield for improvements in this release. Theme parser is compliant to XDG Base Directory Specification in searching for theme files. (Benjamin ) (GNOME bug #480026) Some source files which didn’t get used were removed (Thomas ) (GNOME bug #496947) Fullscreen and maximise windows don’t try to save their position […]

Metacity 2.20.1 is out

Metacity 2.20.1 is out, with some regression fixes and various other improvements. Thanks to Alex Turner, Jens Granseuer, Owen Taylor, Federico Mena Quintero, and Elijah Newren for improvements in this release. Fix markup parsing problems with long titles for the alt-tab popup (Alex) [#360274] Fix memory leak in widget previewer (Jens) [#469682] Don’t immediately unminimize […]

2007-11-16: “Higher standards of elegance”

There was some discussion over the option on the window menu which controls the attribute known to the developers as “stick”. This makes the window follow you around when you move workspaces; it’s useful, for example, to keep a clock applet always in the corner. Some people think that the window menu should have two […]

2007-11-15: xterm, glib, api

xterm has a habit of padding the bottom of the screen in unsightly ways, apparently (your chronicler always uses gnome-terminal). It was suggested that this might be solvable in metacity, but it’s not at all clear how the details would work. (Finding the bugs where this was discussed before would be useful.) Havoc pointed out […]

Adventures in Compositation Land

As Thomas said, I’ve been working on hacking about with a compositor in Metacity recently. All I’ve really done is to take xcompmgr.c by Keith Packard and worked it into Metacity, so I’m not claiming that I really wrote the compositor, more massaged an already existing one into shape. The code is at and […]

2007-11-14: a quieter day than usual

Some helpful Ubunteros came and fixed Thomas’s laptop, which meant that Benjamin’s patch got reviewed (good work there), and also that the question was raised about what api.[ch] are good for. Most of the checkin activity today was from Iain Holmes with his new compositor rewrite (or, as he has called the branch, the Bling-Tastic […]

Version numbers (and automatic hyperlinking)

A short note about Metacity’s version numbers: they are of the form major.minor.point, as with most software these days. “major.minor” tracks the GNOME release they belong to; thus major will probably be 2 indefinitely and minor will increase by 2 every six months, using the convention laid down by the Linux kernel of using the […]

2007-11-13: largely about raise-on-click

More Metacity goings-on for 13th November. Apparently, for some people, no window has focus immediately after login, which causes screen readers to get confused. This has the potential to be an interesting bug, because it concerns the interaction of Metacity, X, and screen reader software, any of which might have been customised in interesting ways […]