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DEVELOPMENT release for autumn 2007.

2.21.8 is out

Thanks to Paolo Borelli, Iain Holmes, Havoc Pennington, Christian Persch, Thomas Thurman, and Alex R.M. Turner for improvements in this version. – Windows on other workspaces which need attention appear in the alt-tab list too (Alex ) (GNOME bug 333548) – Remove deprecated function call (Christian ) (GNOME bug 512561) – New release script (Thomas) […]

Some compositor issues

So, now that the compositor is in trunk and everyone is excited, this might be a good time to mention some “issues”. Firstly, it seems that there are some weird shadow redrawing problems…these just appeared recently, so it shouldn’t be hard to find the offending commit. I think I know what it is, I just […]

2.21.5 is out, with the compositor

Thanks to Iain Holmes and Thomas Thurman for improvements in this version. This is the first unstable release to contain the new compositor; please try it out and let us know how it goes for you. Downstream maintainers should note that its GConf key is initially turned off in src/ and consider whether to turn […]

2.21.2 is out

Thanks to Benjamin Gramlich, Thomas Thurman, and Peter Bloomfield for improvements in this release. Theme parser is compliant to XDG Base Directory Specification in searching for theme files. (Benjamin ) (GNOME bug #480026) Some source files which didn’t get used were removed (Thomas ) (GNOME bug #496947) Fullscreen and maximise windows don’t try to save their position […]

Release: 2.21.1

2.21.1 was released last night; it had been held off a little because of a regression in #486445, which is now fixed. Therefore, more patches than I’d ordinarily have expected to go into a point release went in. Thanks to Elijah Newren, Alex R.M. Turner, Peter Bloomfield, Iain Holmes, Jans Granseuer, Federico Mena Quintero and […]