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Updated Linux driver for the Apple iSight

(See here for the full story so far.) I’ve uploaded a new Apple iSight driver (0.1.0-c, patch) this morning. This new release supports the iMac20, and possibly other iMacs (please let me know!), thanks to a contribution by Sylvain Foret. … Continue reading

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DRM to play legal music

Today, in an electronic store, I ran into one of these PIX live mp3/wma players. The advertisement on the side of the box stated: “Digital Rights Management – This device will play music from legal download sites“ This label is … Continue reading

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GNOME 2.16 dutch release party

To celebrate the release of the awesome GNOME 2.16, GNOME-NL is organizing a release party tomorrow, Tuesday 9/12, starting somewhere between 16:00 and 17:00 in Stairways to Heaven, Utrecht. Everyone interested is invited to come and have a drink. Please … Continue reading

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