DRM to play legal music

Today, in an electronic store, I ran into one of these PIX live mp3/wma players. The advertisement on the side of the box stated:

Digital Rights Management – This device will play music from legal download sites

This label is misleading: DRM is not required to play legal music from download sites. See this website for more information.

For all dutch readers (and anyone else), please copy this message in your blog (either in english or dutch) and have all your friends and family members know about it: DRM is defective by design
If they don’t get it, just buy them a decent mp3 player (possibly even one with Ogg/Vorbis support) without WMA/DRM support for their birthday and christmas, just so they don’t have the chance of accidently getting infected with one of those defectively designed right restriction devices. You, your friends and family deserve so much better.

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  1. sam says:

    I would recommend Cowon’s line of media players. I’ve been very satisfied with my iAudio.

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