The Glade palette goes full circle

It looks like this can be a good year for Glade !

A tale of Palettes

Among some other recent developments, one interesting thing is that the GtkToolPalette; which was previously EggToolPalette dating from 2008 by Mathias Hasselmann modeled to behave as a palette written for Glade by Vincent Geddes back in 2007 (drum roll…) : is now integrated as a drop in replacement for the original palette code in Glade !

This allowed me to remove 3 source files and 3 header files from the Glade tree, but not only that; it was also an enriching experience to see the improvements that have been made on the palette (the built-in drag/drop support, integration with GtkToolItems and better scrolling functionality was noticeable) and to think of all the bright individuals who put work into it from a variety of continents.

All that being said I think there still needs to be a generic way to do context menus for the palette, GtkToolbar exports something like this; currently we are stuck with something of a hack to get our context menus working.

Vertical Glade

Another event of interest this week is that Federico Mena-Quinero came around and showed willingness to fix Glade side effects on that nasty horizontifying bug. After short lapse of thought I agreed to throw away the “orientation” property from Glade and only support it for base classes which are not implicitly oriented – in short; Glade will not do that horizontal weird thing with .ui files that fail to mention the orientation explicitly (likely converted by gtk-builder-convert stript…).

Sponsored by Openismus

It’s truly a pleasure to announce that the GtkToolPalette integration patch along with a few other bugs I closed yesterday are  only the first patches in an effort sponsored by  Openismus GmbH. This effort will be focused partly on Glade and partly on GTK+, I’m very excited and determined to make the most of this time improving GNOME.

Follow my blog for details and updates ;-)

8 Responses to “The Glade palette goes full circle”

  1. Marco Diego Aurélio Mesquita says:

    I’m really happy to see that glade is again on its track.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. Debarshi Ray says:

    As the former Fedora packager for Glade, it is nice to see the horizontifying bug fixed. Will pass the news around. :-)

  3. Owais LOne says:

    This is awesome news. We have to get the cool apps made for Gnome. We have to have a cool UI Designer. Glade is great but lacks a lot. This is great news for Gnome and every distribution that uses Gnome.

  4. Paul W. Frields says:

    Great news! I use glade for my projects and love it.

  5. You call them .ui files, but glade still defaults to saving with a .glade file extension. Do you plan to change that?

  6. […] that should get better now that we have a GtkSourceView catalog for Glade, and that Openismus is paying Tristan to do a little cleanup in Glade). But I often make mistakes, so I added some tests. These run when doing “make check”, […]

  7. tvb says:

    About Glade filename extensions.

    I’ve done my best so far to avoid having a position on the naming
    of Glade files – Although lately I’ve been feeling alot of pull towards
    defaulting to a .ui extension for GtkBuilder xml.

    I think its about time we go ahead and make that change, although it would
    be a much more pretty patch if files were implicitly renamed as well at
    project conversion time (so you dont implicitly end up overwriting the
    file you converted from).

  8. […] Glade has been switched to use the new GtkToolPalette widget, instead of a custom widget (GNOME bug 613956); Tristan Van Berkom wrote about it in The Glade palette goes full circle. […]