The Glade palette goes full circle

It looks like this can be a good year for Glade !

A tale of Palettes

Among some other recent developments, one interesting thing is that the GtkToolPalette; which was previously EggToolPalette dating from 2008 by Mathias Hasselmann modeled to behave as a palette written for Glade by Vincent Geddes back in 2007 (drum roll…) : is now integrated as a drop in replacement for the original palette code in Glade !

This allowed me to remove 3 source files and 3 header files from the Glade tree, but not only that; it was also an enriching experience to see the improvements that have been made on the palette (the built-in drag/drop support, integration with GtkToolItems and better scrolling functionality was noticeable) and to think of all the bright individuals who put work into it from a variety of continents.

All that being said I think there still needs to be a generic way to do context menus for the palette, GtkToolbar exports something like this; currently we are stuck with something of a hack to get our context menus working.

Vertical Glade

Another event of interest this week is that Federico Mena-Quinero came around and showed willingness to fix Glade side effects on that nasty horizontifying bug. After short lapse of thought I agreed to throw away the “orientation” property from Glade and only support it for base classes which are not implicitly oriented – in short; Glade will not do that horizontal weird thing with .ui files that fail to mention the orientation explicitly (likely converted by gtk-builder-convert stript…).

Sponsored by Openismus

It’s truly a pleasure to announce that the GtkToolPalette integration patch along with a few other bugs I closed yesterday are  only the first patches in an effort sponsored by  Openismus GmbH. This effort will be focused partly on Glade and partly on GTK+, I’m very excited and determined to make the most of this time improving GNOME.

Follow my blog for details and updates 😉

8 thoughts on “The Glade palette goes full circle”

  1. I’m really happy to see that glade is again on its track.

    Keep up the awesome work!

  2. This is awesome news. We have to get the cool apps made for Gnome. We have to have a cool UI Designer. Glade is great but lacks a lot. This is great news for Gnome and every distribution that uses Gnome.

  3. Murray,
    About Glade filename extensions.

    I’ve done my best so far to avoid having a position on the naming
    of Glade files – Although lately I’ve been feeling alot of pull towards
    defaulting to a .ui extension for GtkBuilder xml.

    I think its about time we go ahead and make that change, although it would
    be a much more pretty patch if files were implicitly renamed as well at
    project conversion time (so you dont implicitly end up overwriting the
    file you converted from).

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