gnome-info-collect closing soon

There has been a fantastic response to gnome-info-collect since VojtÄ›ch announced it three weeks ago. To date we’ve had over 2,200 responses. That’s amazing! Thanks to everyone who has run the tool.

We now have enough data to perform the analyses we want. As a result, it’s time to close data collection. This will happen next Monday, 19 September. On that day, the data collection server will be turned off.

If you haven’t run gnome-info-collect yet, and would like to, there’s still a little time. See the project readme for instructions on how to install and run it.

Just because we’re shutting down gnome-info-collect doesn’t mean that it doesn’t have a future. Hopefully there will be further rounds of data collection in the future, where we can look at other aspects of GNOME usage that we didn’t examine this time round.

In the mean time, we have lots of great data to process and analyse. Watch this space to learn about what we find!

4 thoughts on “gnome-info-collect closing soon”

  1. Hi Alan.

    Your link to “for instructions on how to install and run it” is missing it’s href.

  2. Hi Alan,

    when evaluating the gnome shell extensions usage, please keep in mind that gnome-shell 43 currently has almost all extensions disabled because they are not available (updated) for GNOME 43 yet.

    1. That’s a good point – we’ll have to account for that in the analysis.

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