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I make an effort to ensure that my blog is a productive and friendly discussion space, particularly when it comes to giving feedback on design proposals. For this reason, comments on this blog are moderated. Comments will only be approved if they follow the following rules:

  • Stay on-topic. Please ensure that your comments are directed at the subject of the blog post that they are attached to.
  • Be constructive. I try to follow a collaborative ethos on this blog, so try and make your comments as useful as possible. If you like (or don’t like) something, try and make an effort to say why.
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  • Don’t discriminate. Discrimination on the basis of sex, sexual orientation, race, religion, nationality or age is strictly prohibited.

If I don’t approve a comment, I generally try to get in touch with the commenter to explain why, and to invite them to post a different comment. However, if your comment doesn’t appear, please feel free to contact me to find out why.

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