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So there were two things I find exciting that got merged in gabble 0.9.12 (gabble is Telepathy’s XMPP/Jabber connection manager). First was support for SASL authentication channels, allowing you handle SASL auth mechanisms from a custom handler (e.g. by not supplying a password to Gabble, or a custom mechanism such as X-GOOGLE-TOKEN or X-FACEBOOK-PLATFORM); thanks to Eitan. Second was multi-user Jingle calls; thanks to Sjoerd.

Muji Demo Client
Muji Demo Client

This is all done as an extension XMPP/Jingle using a XMPP multi-user-chat room (the XEP). The work has not been integrated into Empathy yet, but there is a demo client (yes, it even works from Australia). Sjoerd writes more about it on his new blog.

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5 thoughts on “Muji: multi-user Jingle”

  1. This is just fab!

    If (event this simple client) would run on Win and OS X, we would be so far ahead of Skype, where this is rumored to costs some serious money.

  2. @mike: Telepathy and this client are built on top of reasonably standard portable components: GLib, GTK+, GIO (the new Gabble use GNIO for networking even), GStreamer. I believe there is even a port of D-Bus for Windows.

    Unfortunately I don’t think anyone at Collabora knows anything about Windows development, but we’d be happy to give pointers to someone who was interested in getting things working on Windows.

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